Down Syndromes: An Inspiration

Down Syndromes: An Inspiration

Down syndrome is typically characterized by mental and physical delays. However, some people with Down syndrome have amazing abilities that they can use to help others. This blog post is about the incredible artists with Down syndrome who are using their skills to inspire others!

Exercise: People with Down syndrome can be just as creative and talented as those without it. Here is a list of incredible artists who have down syndrome.

-Travis Davenport, known for his love for basketball, was inspired by Michael Jordan to start practicing free throws so he could play like him. Now Travis works at a basketball camp coaching other kids how to play.

-Like Travis, Jessica Cox has been able to use her talents in different ways! She is a pilot and works with organizations that allow disabled people the chance to experience flying through simulators or even real planes. In 2015 she received an honorary badge from the Federal Aviation Administration for being such a great inspiration!

-The first female “Jeopardy” champ, who was also diagnosed with Down syndrome, competed on the show for three days and won $22k. She has stated that she would like to work at NASA one day because she is interested in space exploration.

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