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Who We Are

Our Mission and Vision

Abilities Arts Festival is a disability arts organization that promotes diversity, inclusiveness and the power of art as a means of enriching the cultural fabric of our communities. Since 2003, Abilities Arts Festival has been adding a new dimension to Toronto’s diverse arts scene. Through multidisciplinary, visual, film and performing arts festivals and events, Abilities Arts Festival showcases artistic excellence by artists with disabilities.

Dynamic and powerful artistic presentations are used to entertain, engage, enlighten, provoke, provide opportunities, and positively impact attitudes.

The Abilities Arts Festival events throughout the year promote diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. All events use art as a transforming medium to provide opportunities, change views and provide exciting artistic experiences. The festival promotes an inclusive and vibrant arts and culture sector: one that is shaped by the full breadth of creative expressions.

Abilities Arts Festival: A Celebration of Disability Arts and Culture is a disability arts organization and forum for creative and artistic excellence that serves as a leader, catalyst and resource to bring together artists, arts and a diverse public by:

    • Showcasing and promoting artists with disabilities from visual, performing, media arts, film and integrated art forms
    • Investing in the future of disability arts by inspiring children and youth with disabilities to explore their own talents
    • Fostering partnerships that provide increased access and opportunities for artists with disabilities
    • Providing professional development opportunities for artists with disabilities
    • Building a more inclusive arts and culture sector
    • Increasing support for accessibility so that all can access, participate, experience and enjoy the arts.

By embracing the values of excellence, innovation, collaboration, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion, Abilities Arts Festival encourages the presentation and sharing of creativity and knowledge, promotes dialogue and understanding and creates a dynamic environment where all can participate, experience art that enriches, entertains, exalts and provokes.

Art moves and inspires. It has the power to transform individuals and communities, to provoke thought and lead to insight, to change hearts and minds, and to inspire action. The arts can further understanding of diverse cultures and traditions. It can expand our vision and awe us with beauty. The following Values define the fundamental principles by which Abilities Arts Festival operates and act as a benchmark against which our strategic actions are measured.