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Are you planning to gift your loved ones something special on their special day? And I bet you’ll have probably thought about buying them a iPad or a Mac book at first, considering it is the age of technology. But you’ve made a perfect decision by choosing a ping pong table with personalized artwork on its paddle. This is something that can stay with them forever, acting as a memorable gift and a great time killer at the same time Now you’ll be wondering about which type of artwork will suit a ping pong paddle, and that’s why we are here. Here you’ll be learning some awesome ideas for painting the ping pong paddle.

Idea #1
If you can doodle some curvy lines, the simplest way to customize a ping pong table paddle is by writing a special message to that special person with your name on it You can also make it a bit creative by making use of glittering pens and other different writing tools.

Idea #2
If you want to take it a bit further, you can add a memorable picture of you two together or from some special occasion so that it will be emotional, creative and fun at the same time You can get it done from any personalized artwork service provider you want or maybe use your DIY skills to do it

Idea #3
You can also try to make use of mainstream fancy things around you and buy a personalized ping pong paddle with his or her favorite action figures or their sayings written on it. Maybe a captain America shield designed on the paddle will work for a Marvel fan. Likewise, a Batman logo on a ping pong paddle will do wonders for a person who is into DCEU.

Idea #4
Another great idea for a ping pong paddle artwork is to use your painting skills and go all natural. You can create some dense trees, mountains, sunset or a beautiful landscape as well If you’re a doodle expert, you can get it done via the readymade service providers by just sending them the image you want on the paddle.

Idea #5
If nothing works out for you, abstract art always does. Now that you’ve run out of ideas, all you can do is get the ping pong paddle painted with some abstract art which doesn’t really mean anything but at the same time could mean a lot more than words can say. You can DIY this task as well as you just have to doodle haphazardly and apply the paint the way you please and maybe a geometric figure will come out of it

Which is the best place to buy a ping pong table?
If you’re about the idea that all ping pong tables are the same, you are very wrong here. Different ping pong table has their perks and downfalls depending upon their standard. If a ping pong table is of good quality, it will be more durable and you’ll be able to enjoy a fair gameplay as it will give you a good bounce, a faster paddle and most importantly should be a bang for the buck. You can waste your time on the internet to find a good ping pong table, simply go to and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the finest collection of ping pong tables especially selected for some special gifting occasions.

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