5 Skills Every Artist Planning to Attend an Art Festival Should Develop

Art is an exceptional talent and skill.


Artistry entails creativity of the highest level. Art may seem simple despite the complexities surrounding the idea of becoming a good artist.

Artists communicate to the world through their works of art. They express their emotions, feelings, and messages through art. Here’re a few skills every artist planning to attend an art festival should develop:

  • Communication skills
  • The ability to withstand criticism
  • Sharp gun shooting skills
  • Creativity skills
  • Time management skills

5 Important Skills Every Artist Should Develop to Become Successful

1. Communication skills

Communication is the only mode through which information is shared. The work of most artists involve working alone on specific pieces of art, hence they must develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

No man is an island. Everybody needs the other, and at one point they’ll have to communicate. At an art festival, artists not only display their pieces of artworks, but also explain them to curious viewers.

People from different backgrounds and walks of life attend festivals for varied reasons. As an artist, you must learn to treat people well and associate with them at all levels. You must be able to relay the message that you want your audience to hear.

People often judge you from the way you treat them. Your interpersonal skills must be at a high level. If you relate to people well, you’re more likely to attract them. This way, you increase your fan base.

2. The ability to withstand criticism

While working on your daily duties as an artist, or at an art festival, you’re likely to encounter any of the two types of criticism; positive and negative criticism.

Learn how to cope with all kinds of criticism without losing your mind, or feeling too proud to accept any challenge from anyone.

Most of the time, positive criticism is constructive, and if you put it into consideration, you’ll learn and correct a lot of bad habits. Nobody is perfect.

Everyone needs to learn all the time to boost your skills; there’s always something to learn in every situation. You must be open to positive criticism while at the festival, no matter who it comes from.

If what a person suggests to you is positive, and can enhance your growth as an artist, go ahead and heed to the piece of advice. Train yourself to learn how to deal with negative criticism from haters. Not everyone will love your work at the festival.

Well, most people won’t show you in your face that they’re not pleased, but some bold individuals may tell you that your artwork is pathetic.

As an understanding artist, it isn’t advisable that you burst and feel low due to such negative comments. Instead, understand that that’s how life is at times, and take it with patience and inner strength.

3. Self defense skills

Gun shooting skills are essential for everybody.

Whether you’re a sports person, an artist, or an average person, you need this skill. Those who take part in shooting sports and hunting are mandated to be perfect at shooting guns.

As an artist, you never know what may happen at the festival. You must be able to protect yourself, whether you can afford a bodyguard or not. For your safety, learn how to use guns well.

Apart from owning a licensed gun, you’ll also need related accessories like those on https://gunsnfreedom.com/best-taurus-g2c-lasers-reviews/. For instance, you can invest in the best Taurus G2C sights for enhanced performance.

Follow the right process to acquire a gun and enroll in a training class that teaches how to develop and enhance your shooting skills. In case of any danger or a threat to your life, you’ll be able to defend yourself.

4. Creativity skills

When you’re out at an art festival, you need to impress your audience. You must be able to create incredible pieces of art that’ll amaze people. To do this, you must think out of the box and be creative enough to create winning art pieces.

Develop diverse design skills and an appreciation for different media of art presentation. You must be knowledgeable enough to know how to use different techniques to create your pieces of artwork.

5. Time management skills

While at the festival, you and your fans won’t have the whole year exhibiting or interacting.


You must be able to observe time.

Time is money, and it counts in everything.

Most probably, you’ll be working and presenting many projects at once. Therefore, you must learn how to keep yourself on schedule to avoid any inconveniences.

If you can’t keep up with time, develop good time management skills.


Artists can attract multitudes of people. They can also repel their viewers depending on the work they have done. Artists are creative and observant naturally. To be creative to that extent, you must develop specific skills that are necessary for your work. If you’re an artist, you wouldn’t wish to embarrass yourself in front of people due to a lack of the skills you need to handle yourself well at festivals.

6 Forms of Arts That Differently- Abled Artists Can Try Out Besides Drawing

Going by the speculations of many, it appears that there are limited opportunities for differently-abled artists. This school of thought is not in any way reliable, discard it. There is no limit to the forms of art to exploit as a differently-abled artist. Art exists as a world of its own, full of possibilities and opportunities.

There are many engaging activities that art offers and that you can involve yourself in, and these are all beautiful in their way.

Arts Shouldn’t Be Limited to Drawing Alone

The image imprinted on the minds of many people when it comes to the choice of craftsmanship for differently-abled individuals is “drawing.” That’s pretty shallow if you’d ask me. Art goes beyond inscribing some image on a piece of paper. Drawing is simply an expression of the big “world” of arts. There are many more expressions. Some of them include crafting, modeling, graphics designing, and even writing. Before exploring any form of art, it is essential to put all the aforementioned in mind.

As a differently-abled artist, you can exploit one or more of the many forms of art today. Technology has increasingly made it easier for artists to become ambidextrous. You can be so skilled in drawing and in many other art forms in the world we live in today. 

Other Forms of Arts That Differently-Abled Artists Can Exploit


One exquisite form of art is the ability to carve out objects such as wood, metals, or rocks into different shapes and textures. Doing this is very possible today with technology. For example, wood sculpting involves cutting large planks of wood into smaller boards.  Differently-abled wood sculptors have technological advancements to thank. For instance, the development of sophisticated equipment such as jointer planer machines to remove a thin strip of wood or to smooth out boards in a fraction can help them achieve exceptional results.


Music is a significant and popular form of art. It involves making sounds with your voice (singing) or with other instruments. Research shows that music has a therapeutic effect on humans and can be soothing to the soul and the body. Music is one acceptable form of art to explore.


Arts is truly one big world to explore. Writing is as powerful as it can be when it is correctly done. With this craft, it is possible to create a world of your own, void of evil, full of darkness, or as you so wish. You can also express real-life situations that will engage the minds of readers.   


Drama is a performing art that involves acting out written scripts. This genre of literature is fictitious.  It requires your whole being. In ancient times, people performed in front of small groups of people. Today, the scope of this art has dramatically expanded, no pun intended. Drama works hand in hand with writing and is a widely accepted form of art to explore.

Oral Literature

Also known as spoken words. Oral literature has been in existence since the time of the ancient Greek famous author, Homer. Homer, a blind man, produced one of the most outstanding books of all time – known as “Odyssey” through oral literature. As drama, this genre also works simultaneously with writing. Oral literature, as the name implies, involves narrating a written text by speaking. Individuals with good diction, vocabulary skills, and fluent speech are more likely to succeed in oral literature. Oral literature involves narrating a written poem, a novel, a script, and many more.

Graphic or Interior Design 

This form of art is the most similar to drawing. It involves imprinting images on an object, shaping, or crafting items to make them look more attractive. Almost everything that we do in the world today consists of design. Be it on fabrics, kitchen utensils, flyers and posters, walls, name it. More forms of art are suitable for differently-abled artists. As earlier stated, the world of creativity is full of thousands and thousands of expressions. All you need to do is discover what you do best and tailor your talents to any of these expressions.

Tools and Techniques That Are Useful for Differently-Abled Artists

In the world we live in today, things are vastly becoming more favorable for differently-abled artists. New inventions are popping out of the air daily. These inventions go a long way in enhancing creativity and, in the long run, productivity. Some categories of newly invented tools and techniques for differently-abled artists include:

  • Assistive and Adaptive Technology which involves the use of adaptive and rehabilitative devices to help differently-abled artists improve their work rate

This invention dramatically enhances independence on the part of an artist. You virtually do not need to rely on every other person’s skills. Adaptive Technology is a subset of assistive technology. It ensures mobility and more astonishing performances for your craftsmanship.

  • Studio Assistants are most useful for substantial scale artistry. It involves people who help to perform administrative duties and other functions such as scheduling appointments, answering emails, and many more. These individuals help to handle daily operations of the studio while you devote more time to your artistry.

Some studio assistants are also creative, and having them work with you promotes collaborations. Collaboration is significant in the arts. Having humans as helping hands usually improves productivity.

Famous and Successful Differently-Abled Artists


Michelangelo was a differently-abled artist yet was famous for his impressive sculptures. He developed kidney stones and had significant issues with using his hands.

Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a painter, a poet, and a philosopher. He made a large number of widely recognized paintings and sketches despite suffering from “Scleroderma.” 

Francisco Goya

Francisco Goya is one of the best portrait painters in history. He suffered from numerical problems, headaches, hearing loss, dizziness, and more. Still, the performance of his visual art did not deteriorate.

The world awaits men and women who will rise above their challenges and make positive impacts in the world.Art is full and is for all.

DIY Wooden Furniture For Arts Festival

In arts festivals, wooden furniture could be of great significance as an instance of showcasing a skill. It’s also an instance of proven professional excellence. Further, if it’s done by the differently enabled, words will not be adequate just to assess the quality of the craft as well as the level of performance of such individuals.

Wooden furniture with artworks by differently-abled artists

Today, individuals among the differently-abled have excelled in diverse fields. And, they excel in artworks as well. During the diverse art festivals at the national and international level, the differently-abled artists have proved that the wooden furniture crafted by them is second to none. The artifacts stand as the live testimony to the excellence in the learning ability of these individuals.

Importance of wooden furniture as artworks

Thanks to the diverse benefits wood such as durability, great texture, versatility, variety, and sustainability, wood could be best for furniture. Wood can be an excellent medium to showcase artworks.

Wooden furniture art pieces are beautiful, and they are masterpieces to last for a long time to come.

Though wood is one of the materials that come naturally, skilled artisans can make it far beyond just looking like a piece of wood. Artists like Vincent Pocsik of the United States prove it’s much beyond.

Vincent Pocsik is best known for a class of furniture called On The Meridian. This is part of the project looking into the relationship between avant-garde art and traditional design furniture.

With wood, Pocsik tries to keep things concealed and attempts at obtaining new pieces of art that none had found before.


To achieve such an inventive art piece of wooden furniture, Pocsik takes the combination of hand working and digital fabrication.

To start with, Pocsik draws the pieces and then 3d models it. Then, the pieces are obtained and a rough form art piece is made using computer numerical controlled machine technology. By this, the initial rough form is formed. Then, the piece thus obtained is to be finished manually to obtain the final piece.

Use of technology

It’s important to know that to achieve such excellence in art in wooden furniture, you need to work on it manually coupled with techniques of digital fabrication.

While working on the art piece is important, it is equally important to take care by manipulating by hand and how the art piece looks. Thus, you can paint the art piece such that it looks like a bronze piece along with the texture of the material that looks real bronze.

Technology has also played a very important role in improving the modern woodworking tools which make woodworking easier and more efficient. Take for example the development of benchtop floor drill press.
To learn more about this tool, read some reviews here: https://www.bestcabinettablesaw.com/benchtop-floor-drill-press-reviews/

DIY wooden furniture and how it can be used during the arts festival

If you’re interested in presenting art and excel at the intricacies of making furniture with improvising, DIY wooden furniture could be the best option. You should use DIY wooden furniture to let your audience know your artistic caliber. Though they involve a few hassles, they are worth. If the project is a large one, you can split it into smaller ones so that you can handle them easily.

With your expertise and imagination, you can present each DIY piece of furniture in your creative way.

How DIY wooden furniture can be used during arts festivals?

Arts festival showcasing artworks of differently-abled artists include Art Market San Francisco, Port Eliot Festival, Bluedot Festival, to mention a few are great marketplaces where you can showcase your DIY wooden furniture. You need to make sure you learn about these festivals and other arts festivals and their terms. Apply for them for your art pieces. Research online and visit the official websites. Cleaning outdoor furniture after the event is also very important since the wooden furniture can still be used even after the event.


DIY wooden furniture is a great means of expressing and to showcase your artistic skill. They entail a low budget and can few hassles. They are potent ways for differently-abled artists. Be on the watch out for art festivals in and around your locality as well as global festivals so that you won’t miss them.

Steam Mops For Differently-Abled Artists

Just because someone has a disability doesn’t mean he or she can’t be an artist or create amazing artworks. People with disabilities are just differently-abled but some of them can still do things that us normal people can and one of them is creating artworks. We can help differently-abled artists feel empowered by appreciating their artworks and also assisting them to do household chores that they can do. One good thing to help them with is to teach them to clean the areas where they create their artworks with the use of steam mops. It doesn’t just make them feel empowered that can do a household chore but it will also make them feel responsible as artists that they get to clean their workspace.

You might be wondering why using steam mops? Aside from it is easy for them to use, steam mops have features that can make cleaning easier. According to research, there are artificial agents to which affect our bodies. But when it comes to detergents, cleaning options are in us and researchers have it that using steam mops, it’s very easy to scrub surfaces and maintain natural surfaces. Researchers have also found out that using a steam mop, for sanitation and mopping, surfaces are so much important to be cleaned and effectively clean surfaces which will be effective and safer for cleaners.

A steam mop is considered as the best mopping option and regarded as the best and quality service. There are double-sided washable and renewable pads. That it will surely remove specks of dirt in different types of floors. This feature has extended the actual and total time you need to feature on differently abled people. This option allowed all the people to extend their life span and make it able to create punches on what is meant as a steam mop.

Nice and double sided pads
These double-sided steam mop pads are able on tossing in the laundry basket. This is also in the same way like how the shark mops do operate hence the steam mop. This extends and prolongs lifetime. Pick this one if you prefer a double-sided steam mop.

A tender cleaning environment
If you are looking for options that will not just create a difference, but which will provide a natural feel, then you will probably make a careful selection of the differently-abled artist’s works. Actually, on the basis of determining the safer choices, you will optimally make relevant considerations that will come with features that are great and more effective. The consideration for safer choices is supported by existing features for differently-abled people, but if you are also looking for great and amazing colors, you are free to make a choice. Steam mops are highly valued because they have a harnessed power capable of killing up to 99% of germs in one go and this can also provide you with optimal cleaning options simultaneously and thus effectively driving away grime and direct from the carpets and hard floors.

Vital considerations you need when buying Steam Mop
If you are looking for quality, but have a tight budget, then you should really focus on various options available in the market. Their performances differ considerably based on multiple functions. For example, there are steam mops coming with multiple steam jets that would quickly moisten and clean the pads and thus making your work to be very easy. Other mops in the market come with two-sided pads and can also include separate material or a handled wood that feature excellent results, with resilient carpet or flooring.

Steam mops come with additional features which can make your life quite easy and in fact. The ultimate functions create extra support, also known as double-duty which makes all integrations in terms of cleaning solutions to be effective and important. There are your solutions to stubborn floor stains, but also provide considerable support and controls while you are doing the cleaning.

How Water Heaters Can Help People With Disability

Water heaters ensure that there is always hot water in the house. While there are different kinds of water heaters, ranging from instant heaters to water heaters with tanks. Choosing any kind of water heater that is suitable for your home, can ensure that you are delivered, hot water all the time especially with people who have disabilities. You can easily get a water heater to install one for you. Using water heaters in your home to ensure that you have hot baths can bring a lot of benefits especially for your health as one with a disability. Here are some of those benefits:

It improves the circulation of the blood. Bathing hot water helps improve blood circulation especially for people with disability. Warm water on the body impacts on the heart positively, by making it easier to pump blood and circulate to other parts of the body. When circulation of blood is improved, it is easier to try exercising the joints and body when the blood circulates properly. Improved blood circulation, prevents pains, and impeded joint movement. It also helps the body feel rejuvenated and alive, therefore also improves mood and mind.

Helps massage the muscles. The muscles are always under pressure daily; they are subjected to everyday activity, as such they need to be massaged and taken care of from time to time and hot water helps a lot in this regard. For people with disability, being free for movement might be difficult because of the constant need to exert pressure on one part of the body. Using hot water to bathe, helps stretch the muscles, to make it stronger and prevents sores and pains. Hot water for bathe stretches the muscles and makes it easy to flex them.

It helps alleviates the pain, bathing hot water also alleviates pain. Because it stretches the muscles, a lot of strain is removed from pressured muscles when you put them under hot water. The joints are also relieved of pain and pressure. One of the reasons being that your blood circulation has been significantly improved because of the warm water, the joints are more free, to move in their subjective manner. It can help sleeping better and can also help feel less tired.

It helps exercise the muscles. When the body and bones are relieved, it is easier to carry out different aquatic or simple body exercise that is suitable for disabled people. The hot water relieves the blood circulation and the whole body helping the disabled people feel relieved enough to do exercises easily, thereby helping the whole physical wellbeing.

It helps disabled people feel positive and mentally sound after bathing hot water. Using hot water helps the blood to move freely, thereby also causing the release of different hormones in the body for happiness. Having the right mental attitude is one of the key ways of living longer and preventing diseases.

Choose some of the best water heaters today, get a water heater man to install it and start enjoying all the benefits of hot water for disabled people; it would save you lots of cost on treatments and help your loved ones live longer.

Pingpong Paddle Artworks

Are you planning to gift your loved ones something special on their special day? And I bet you’ll have probably thought about buying them a iPad or a Mac book at first, considering it is the age of technology. But you’ve made a perfect decision by choosing a ping pong table with personalized artwork on its paddle. This is something that can stay with them forever, acting as a memorable gift and a great time killer at the same time Now you’ll be wondering about which type of artwork will suit a ping pong paddle, and that’s why we are here. Here you’ll be learning some awesome ideas for painting the ping pong paddle.

Idea #1
If you can doodle some curvy lines, the simplest way to customize a ping pong table paddle is by writing a special message to that special person with your name on it You can also make it a bit creative by making use of glittering pens and other different writing tools.

Idea #2
If you want to take it a bit further, you can add a memorable picture of you two together or from some special occasion so that it will be emotional, creative and fun at the same time You can get it done from any personalized artwork service provider you want or maybe use your DIY skills to do it

Idea #3
You can also try to make use of mainstream fancy things around you and buy a personalized ping pong paddle with his or her favorite action figures or their sayings written on it. Maybe a captain America shield designed on the paddle will work for a Marvel fan. Likewise, a Batman logo on a ping pong paddle will do wonders for a person who is into DCEU.

Idea #4
Another great idea for a ping pong paddle artwork is to use your painting skills and go all natural. You can create some dense trees, mountains, sunset or a beautiful landscape as well If you’re a doodle expert, you can get it done via the readymade service providers by just sending them the image you want on the paddle.

Idea #5
If nothing works out for you, abstract art always does. Now that you’ve run out of ideas, all you can do is get the ping pong paddle painted with some abstract art which doesn’t really mean anything but at the same time could mean a lot more than words can say. You can DIY this task as well as you just have to doodle haphazardly and apply the paint the way you please and maybe a geometric figure will come out of it

Which is the best place to buy a ping pong table?
If you’re about the idea that all ping pong tables are the same, you are very wrong here. Different ping pong table has their perks and downfalls depending upon their standard. If a ping pong table is of good quality, it will be more durable and you’ll be able to enjoy a fair gameplay as it will give you a good bounce, a faster paddle and most importantly should be a bang for the buck. You can waste your time on the internet to find a good ping pong table, simply go to http://www.bestpingpongtables.review/paddle/ and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the finest collection of ping pong tables especially selected for some special gifting occasions.

Range Hoods For Cooking In Festivals

The kitchen is the heart of every house, and that’s why it needs to be efficient and very functional. But, this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look great. There are several ways to do this, and one of them is with a high-quality range hood. Vent hoods that we probably all have today are lighting up the cooking surface, crank out the smoke from the indoor grills and vent odor.

The function of the range hoods is primary.
The primary function of the hood is to vent odors, smoke, and steam and to push all of it outside. That’s why the vents with external blowers are the safest and the best, especially for those who seriously enjoy cooking time There are hoods that are both stylish and hardworking. Those hoods combine brawn and beauty and they command attention in any of our kitchens.

Decorative coverings to the range hoods can be added just to hide the mechanics inside them. They can be fitted in many kitchen cabinets to blend with their style and to appear almost seamless. To get more attention, kitchen cooks pretty often create their own cooking area or kitchen alcove. An alcove is a closed area where the hood and the stove are set back. By putting the range hood in the alcove, it will look like a picture into a frame and I guarantee you that anyone who enters the alcove won’t miss that detail.

Before choosing which range hood to purchase, you need to know a few things. First of all, you need to know exactly what will be the purpose of the hood. Depending on what you will do and where you will put the hood, it can vent the air outside or it can filter it and circulate it inside. Re-circulating is less safe to use and of course less expensive.

If you love outdoor cooking or you have an outdoor kitchen or maybe you are cooking for a festival, don’t worry, there are also range hoods for outdoor and now I will tell you all you need to know about them.

Most of the outdoor range hoods are made of heavy stainless steel construction. It moves a really large amount of air, like 2000 or 3000 cubic meters per hour, which is really a lot. Most of them come with twin or triple heavy-duty German motors. There is an interlocking device included in the hood’s exhaust system, which complies with new regulations, and there are stainless steel microfiber filters that serve for maximum absorption of the fumes and fats. The filters are ultra though and you can clean them into a dishwasher or with a high-pressure hose There are also two 35 watt halogen lights right in front of the hood which gives you much better light spread. You will also see a switcher where you can set the range hood to work on high or low air extraction. The high of all units is 315mm plus flue, or it can be custom made depending on your needs.

So, if you are asking us which one is the best for home use, we do have a favorite and I will note it below:
I’m talking about Awoco model. Its split contemporary design will put 900CFM blower right under your roof, for a quiet operation. Or if you have more money to spend, consider purchasing Fotile JOG7501. Highly power, innovative and efficient with an amazing look under the cabinet.

Tangled Arts Festival 2014

Since 2003 Abilities Arts Festival – now Tangled Art + Disability
- has employed hundreds of artists and welcomed audiences in the thousands to its annual festivals. Every year, our programming has grown in scope, scale and power and Tangled Arts Festival 2014 is no exception. With an outstanding programme featuring renowned performing artists and companies from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York and San Francisco, this is a festival you won’t want to miss!

Performance Date Time Venue Ticket Price Get Tickets
Kids Fest! April 9 12:00 – 3:00 pm Daniels Spectrum $5 suggested donation fee per person Pre-registration required. Contact Katie at:
Kids Fest! April 10 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Daniels Spectrum $5 suggested donation fee per person Pre-registration required. Contact Katie at:
Building a Worldwide Arts Movement Workshop April 11 12:00 – 4:00 pm AGO Free Pre-registration required. Contact Katie at:
Krip-Hop Nation: Toronto April 12 8:00 pm Oakham House $10 General Admission
$5 Students/PWD
Buy Tickets
Third Eye Looming
Devised and directed by
Ed Roy with
Workman Arts
May 2 8:00 pm Daniels Spectrum $25 General Admission
$20 Students/PWD
Buy Tickets
Third Eye Looming
Devised and directed by
Ed Roy with
Workman Arts
May 3 8:00 pm Daniels Spectrum $25 General Admission
$20 Students/PWD
Buy Tickets
A Peggy Shaw
Directed by Lois Weaver
May 9 8:00 pm Daniels Spectrum $25 General Admission
$20 Students/PWD
Buy Tickets
Green Screening Workshop with Split Britches May 10 12:00 – 4:00 pm Daniels Spectrum Free Pre-registration required. Contact Katie at:
A Peggy Shaw
Directed by Lois Weaver
May 10 8:00 pm Daniels Spectrum $25 General Admission
$20 Students/PWD
Buy Tickets
A performance by
Les Productions
des pieds des mains
May 23 8:00 pm George Ignatieff Theatre $25 General Admission
$20 Students/PWD
Buy Tickets

Third Eye Looming

A journey into the heart of memory and madness…
A Multimedia Performance by Workman Arts, Directed and Devised by Ed Roy

A fusion of imagistic dance theatre and multimedia, Third Eye Looming takes it’s audiences into an episodic vortex of memory and madness. What brings us back from the brink of chaos? Therapy? Medication? Love? Third Eye Looming is one man’s journey through the onset of mental collapse, ecstatic vision, and holistic salvation. Third Eye Looming is all of our fears, dreams and hopes of losing and finding ourselves.

*Friday, May 2, 2014 at 8:00 pm Buy Tickets
*This performance will be followed by a reception and Silent Auction!

Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 8:00 pm Buy Tickets
Daniels Spectrum, Ada Slaight Hall (585 Dundas St. E.)

$25 General Admission/$20 Students/PWD

Ed Roy – Director/Devisor
Andy Moro – Projection Design
Lyon Smith – Sound Design
David Sweeney – Lighting Design / Technical Director
Denis Huneault-Joffre – Costumer Design
Susan Spagnuolo – Assistant Costume Design
Tracy Lynne Cann – Stage Manager
Joanne Smale – Publicist
Lisa Brown – Producer

Cast: Victoria Danyluk, Jake Chalmers, Kari Pederson, Jaene Castrillon, Sheri STRanger and Danica Brown

Workman Arts
Workman Arts provides individuals who have mental illness opportunities to engage in creative activities that develop their artistic strengths in accepting and supportive atmospheres. Through participation in artistic and collaborative projects that encourage the exchange of ideas between artist and observer, and the shared collective experience of audiences engaging in performances or works of art, connections are made between Workman Arts Members and the public at large and the stigma associated with mental illness and addiction is eroded.

Visit www.workmanarts.com to learn more about their programming.

This presentation is made possible through the generosity and fundraising of students at St Clement’s School, Toronto.